Excellent TrustScore: Thank you for more than 1,000 reviews on Trustpilot

From travel to restaurants to financial services: Reviews have become an integral part of the customer experience. Not surprisingly, 91% of people read online reviews regularly or occasionally. More than 84% of these people trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

For many people, review sites play an important role in making informed decisions.

At the heart of this is feedback. It provides an authentic insight into what a company does well and what it could do better. Which portal is most trusted? And which platform do we at PAIR Finance pay attention to?

Trustpilot, one of the largest and most trusted online review communities, is an important source of our customer feedback alongside our own channels. Trustpilot ensures that only genuine reviews (from real people) are published and can help businesses improve their customer service. This makes it an important focal point for our customer support and product development. 

How consumers rate PAIR Finance

Sven Schneider is the COO of the PAIR Finance Group.

PAIR Finance has a 4.4 star rating with over 1,000 reviews on Trustpilot (as of May 2024) and we are working hard to get even better. “I am incredibly thrilled about our Trustpilot rating,” said Sven Schneider, COO of PAIR Finance. “The excellent rating shows that consumers are very happy with us. We are grateful for all the feedback we receive. We are currently working on a number of initiatives that will further improve the customer experience in the future. A big thank you to our teams for getting us here and to all those who have reviewed us.”

By the way: We read every review and respond in less than two days. Today, we would like to share some of them with you and say thank you to the consumers who have rated us for more than 1,000 reviews. Here we go.

Lots of praise for our customer-oriented debt collection approach

“Now that’s what I call a modern debt collection experience. That’s how it should always be 🙂 Simply paid by link.”
Consumer on 19 October 2023

“Ms Uzan was extremely friendly and helpful on the phone. Her professional and sensitive approach made the conversation a very pleasant experience. I am impressed with her expertise and grateful for her assistance.”
Consumer on 19 February 2024

“(…) Your employee on the phone listened to everything I said calmly, patiently and in a very nice and friendly manner, listened patiently, spoke openly with me, did not make any accusations against me but really helped me to find out what steps I can now take to resolve this unpleasant matter as quickly as possible”.
Consumer on 25 April 2024

We are no stranger to the fact that mistakes can happen, whether made by humans or machines. The aim of our customer service team is to provide consumers with good support when potential bumps in the road to a solution occur. Our team receives a lot of praise for this on Trustpilot.

More convenient and customer-friendly with AI

Compared to traditional debt collectors, PAIR Finance harnesses the enormous potential of artificial intelligence to improve the debt collection experience and help people resolve their outstanding debts quickly. In this way, we not only recover receivables faster, smarter and more sustainably, but also support long-term customer loyalty. Some of the benefits we offer include:

  • Self-determined, mobile-first debt collection process instead of intrusive calls
  • Individual communication: up to 30,000 options for the best personalised solution
  • Customised, attractive payment page in 8 languages
  • Diverse, flexible and international payment options, set up payment holidays or instalments in less than 1 minute
  • Friendly telephone support for any questions you may have

If you are considering working with PAIR Finance and would like to benefit from digital, efficient and customer-focused debt collection, please contact us using our contact form. See you soon!