Customer Experience.

Say good-bye to traditional hassles of debt collection. We ensure a new experience that empowers your customers to effortlessly manage and resolve debts, putting them back in control of their financial freedom.


The algorithm selects the ideal contact medium from the available contact options. In addition to email, text messages and messenger services, the algorithm also selects postal or personal contact. Digital communication channels reach your defaulting customers much faster than analogue ones.


In addition to the most suited channel, the best time to address and the optimal frequency are determined in order to increase the attention of your customers.


The personal approach - from very cooperative to decisive - and the individual text design help your customers to better understand the issue and to deal emotionally with their open claim.
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PAIR Finance - Personal Customer Experience


An efficient payment process without media disruption enables your customers to process payments and find solutions quickly and easily.


In addition to the approach, the algorithm also adapts the payment options to the financial situation of your customers. For example, they can create their own instalment plan individually and fully automatically, and conclude it in a legally binding manner.

Debt collection process.

We carry out the entire debt collection process for our clients:
From extrajudicial dunning procedures to further escalation stages.
Depending on the country in which we operate, the components of the process may vary.

1. Pre court procedures
2. Court procedures
3. After court procedures
4. Monitoring

Our promise.

We efficiently realise your open claims without breaking the link to your customer!