PAIR Finance ONE Approach enables simple digital debt collection in Europe with minimal effort

PAIR Finance ONE Approach

For companies, managing debt collection in several countries usually means contracts with several local service providers as well as various portals, access points and reporting sources. All of this requires a lot of time, effort and patience.

With its ONE Approach, the Berlin-based fintech PAIR Finance offers European companies a solution that significantly simplifies the processing and handling of debt collection in several markets. PAIR Finance successfully expanded into four new markets in 2023 – Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, and Belgium establishing full operational functionality and compliance in each.

What does the ONE Approach from PAIR Finance offer?

The ONE Approach is a holistic approach that provides clients with digital, AI-based debt collection with a highly personalised consumer experience from a single source. To this end, PAIR Finance provides its clients with transparent, cross-border processes and features at the highest level for several markets simultaneously in a bundled portal.

PAIR Finance ONE Contract

Companies that are active in several markets and are looking for a debt collection partner with local expertise do not have to conclude a contract with different partners for each market. With the ONE contract from PAIR Finance, everything is set out in just one contract. Less effort for a quick contract start.

PAIR Finance ONE Interface

With PAIR Finance, all data runs via one secure interface. This enables finance teams to integrate data smoothly and quickly and simplifies data transfer. Find out more here. The bundled data interface also standardises the billing process.

PAIR Finance ONE Dashboard

With PAIR Finance, companies can control debt collection and receivables management in six European countries via one single client dashboard and keep an eye on the status of the transferred files around the clock – in real time. And all this with just one login for all debt collection orders submitted, regardless of whether the debt collection is commissioned in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium or France.

PAIR Finance ONE Partner

With PAIR Finance, companies have a partner with local knowledge in six markets at their side, as the fintech has a team of experts and collection agents for each market. For country-specific queries about the dashboard, the expansion of activities or other planned case handovers, the experts from the PAIR Finance Partnership Team are happy to provide support in order to jointly achieve the best result in each country.

These are the results companies achieve with the ONE Approach

From ONE contract to ONE reporting, PAIR Finance is a single-source provider thanks to the ONE approach. The result: clients save time and effort.

One contract with PAIR Finance is set up more quickly than many contracts with several service providers. One partner requires less coordination communication than several. One client portal with just one login is much easier to operate and manage than different ones. Bundled reporting makes it easy to compare successes in different markets and set new targets. This saves time and resources.

With our ONE Approach, we present a holistic country strategy in debt collection that makes it more efficient than ever for our business clients: with one contract, one integration, one reporting system and one application. This offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency for clients navigating the complexities of international debt collection.

Stephan Stricker, CEO and Founder of PAIR Finance

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