PAIR Finance is working exclusively with re-commerce provider Clevertronic

  • More options for payment means more convenience for consumers, which optimizes conversion rates
  • Apple Pay now also a payment option

Berlin, 22 October 2019 – PAIR Finance, leading provider of AI-based debt collection and receivables management, has today announced an exclusive partnership with Clevertronic, the re-commerce specialists in the consumer electronics sector. This will allow the company to add to the payment options it offers. As of now, private customers can settle outstanding debts by selling used electronic goods: Clevertronic specializes in the purchase and sale of new and used mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches. Apple Pay is also being offered as a payment option on the platform for the first time.

“The integration of Clevertronic and Apple Pay as payment options is another important step towards giving consumers more choice when it comes to payment methods. We aim to create an experience which is tailored to their individual requirements,” is how Stephan Stricker, Founder and CEO of PAIR Finance, explains the background to the cooperation. “The partnership with Clevertronic optimises our objectives of achieving a higher conversion rate and improving customer loyalty. Debts are settled significantly more quickly and fed back into the economic loop.

Clevertronic was named the winner among purchase and sale platforms for used mobile phones by consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest. Dr Dominik Verhülsdonk, CEO of Clevertronic: “We are delighted to be a payment partner for PAIR Finance. Clevertronic allows consumers to turn used goods into money, quickly and securely. The customer-driven approach of PAIR Finance fits in very well with our mission of creating a sustainable, lucrative service for a large number of people. So we are more than happy to support PAIR Finance’s innovative concept.”

Consumers who are contacted digitally by PAIR Finance via text message, WhatsApp or e-mail are sent a link taking them to an individual payment page. As of now, the consumer can select one of nine payment methods: Apple Pay, credit card, Klarna, cash, Clevertronic, manual transfer, SEPA, payment break or payment by installments.

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