One interface, many benefits: Digital transformation with PAIR Finance Rest API

With PAIR Finance’s REST API-based collection platform, the digitization of receivables management succeeds with significantly less effort. Do you want to optimize your case management and scale it easily? In this article, we show the benefits of case management with the PAIR Finance REST API.

The era of manual data exchange is coming to an end.

The complexity of our world is increasing rapidly. With a greater volume of data in accounting, organizing information becomes enormously important in order to design efficient operational processes. This also applies to the areas of collections and receivables management. In order for a company to maintain and expand its lead over the competition, data should be managed in the best possible way.

Automated real-time data exchange – at an individual file level.

Manual, unwieldly processes cost several hours every day. With the automated data exchange of the PAIR Finance Rest API, internal processes are accelerated. The abbreviation REST API stands for “Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API)” and is a programming interface. This serves as a “bridge” between two companies via which data is sent back and forth. The PAIR Finance REST API allows our clients to perform actions such as reading resources (GET) and creating new objects (POST). The client sends the corresponding commands simply and securely via HTTPS in JSON format.

Efficient processes. Scale easily.

The PAIR Finance REST API is fully customized to the needs of our enterprise customers. Your accounting department receives fully automated updates in real time on individual customer files or a list of customer files filtered by you, e.g. payment agreements, open amounts, info on installment payments. Customer files can be easily created, payments made or returns reported. Documents can be assigned to existing customer files and vice versa all documents of a customer file can be requested. Files in the commercial dunning system can be stopped or paused at the push of a button, new receivables are quickly added to existing customer files. And of course, our system supports the transfer of large amounts of data and unlimited scalability for large volumes.

More time. More security.

Numerous companies are already using the PAIR Finance REST API. The feedback from our customers is unambiguous: once the connection has been established, the gain in time previously spent on manual processes in the area of receivables management is clearly noticeable. Security is a key issue for us when it comes to data transfer: customer files are transferred securely to the PAIR Finance platform using end-to-end HTTPS encryption. To test our REST API interface, we offer our customers access to a production-like test environment in advance. Without much setup effort, you can check the functionalities here before go-live. 

With the PAIR Finance REST API, the risk of incorrect processing or missing information also disappears thanks to built-in security mechanisms. When POST requests are successfully submitted, a positive feedback follows about the newly created files including information in our system. If legally binding data points are missing or data is transmitted incorrectly, the file creation is automatically rejected and clients receive technical feedback without delay. This ensures complete transparency between clients and PAIR Finance as a legal service provider in the processing of claims. 

At a glance – advantages of the PAIR Finance REST API:

  • Easy integration and individual support by PAIR Finance
  • Relief for your accounting department through automated interface
  • Ease of transfer of receivables saves resources
  •  Secure connection and authentication services
  • Processes become more efficient and faster
  • Individual data points can be easily added to customer files
  • Data exchange to customer casefiles on individual level in real time: the status of a file can be queried and transferred to your system at any time
  • Full transparency & information traceability
  • Platform and technology independence to ensure interoperability
  • Supports transfer of large files
  • Easy scalability for large volumes

Here’s what our enterprise customers say:

Usability and performance are part of nexible’s DNA. The transfer of customer cases was always associated with a high level of manual effort. With the help of PAIR Finance, case handover now takes place flexibly and automatically. The technical integration of the PAIR Finance REST API was quick and easy.

Bernd Oehlen, Senior Manager Finance-Operations, Nexible

Are you interested in PAIR Finance REST API? Contact us now. On our product sheet you will find an overview of the most important information including a link to our REST-API Integration Guide. Download our product sheet here.