Why have I been contacted by PAIR Finance?

I have been contacted by PAIR Finance. What should I do now?

If you have been contacted by us, you have an outstanding bill with the company named in the e-mail or the letter which has not yet been paid. Use the payment options set out in our message, give us a call or write to us to agree payment of the outstanding amount and bring the debt collection process to an end. Even if you believe that the claim is not valid because you have already paid it, returned the goods or you simply cannot pay, please contact us in any case. Failing to respond now and simply ignoring our message is not a solution. At PAIR Finance, we find a suitable, individual solution for 97.8% of people that contact us.

I have received a text or WhatsApp message from PAIR Finance, can that be right?

We want to offer the easiest, quickest form of communication for all our customers. This means we will contact you by e-mail, text or WhatsApp if you entered these as contact options for your original order from the creditor. This makes communication easier and allows us to resolve the issue for you quickly and conveniently.

I have been contacted by PAIR Finance again even though I have already paid.

Depending on the payment message, it can take a couple of days after you make a payment before it lands in our account. If you receive messages from us several days after making a payment to us, the best thing is to give us a call or send us a message, quoting your reference number. If you have already made a payment to your contract partner, please e-mail us evidence of the payment (e.g. screenshot of transfer receipt). Please note that even if you pay immediately after our message, default costs have already been incurred and must therefore also be paid.

I don’t know what the debt is about, I didn’t order anything from them.

Please do not ignore our message. Send us an e-mail or call us to discuss the situation and avoid further reminders and costs. We will clarify things with the contract partner and, of course, will stop proceedings immediately if it transpires that our payment requests are not correct. If you are not familiar with the contract partner, the claim could still be correct, perhaps if you have used the services of a payment service provider when placing an order at a shop. This service provider, who made it possible to pay by invoice, for example, is your legal contract partner and payment is due to them. If, after more careful checks, it is still not clear why this claim exists and you have not received the goods or services to which it relates, please check whether your data could have been compromised. You can find out more on the website of the Federal Ministry for Information Technology Security. But it is important that you contact us whatever the situation, we can help you!