How can I pay?

How can I pay?

PAIR Finance provides you with the opportunity to pay the outstanding amount quickly and securely using a range of modern and simple payment options on your individual payment page. The link to your payment page can be found in all e-mails, texts and WhatsApp messages you receive from us. Alternatively, you can access your payment page by entering your reference number at We offer payments by fast transfer (“Klama”), credit card (Mastercard and VISA), SEPA and many more.

How can I pay in cash?

Cash payment is a service offered by PAIR Finance in conjunction with an innovative payment provider, Cash Payment Solutions GmbH. This gives you the option of paying the outstanding debt anonymously and in cash in a partner branch of your choosing (e.g. DM, REWE, Penny, mobilcom-debitel). Simply enter the necessary information on our payment page and you be taken to a payment docket with a barcode, which you can use to make the payment at the branch of your choice. You can show the barcode on your mobile phone or take a printout to the counter.

I cannot pay the full amount at the moment.

If you are not currently able to pay the outstanding amount in full, you can visit your individual payment page from the link sent to you or via and choose an option that suits you (e.g. a payment break or an instalment plan). Alternatively, you can contact us by telephone or e-mail at any time. PAIR Finance finds a suitable individual solution in more than 97.8% of cases. Including for you!

Can I pay the contract partner/creditor directly?

You outstanding debt has been handed over to use from your contract partner for recovery, so we are now your direct point of contact for your debt. So it is very important that your payment is made to us in order to guarantee efficient, reliable processing of your case and close your file effectively.