How can I contact PAIR Finance?

How can I contact PAIR Finance?

You can contact us at any time by telephone, letter or e-mail, or also by text message or WhatsApp, making sure to quote your reference number. You will find our contact details in every e-mail and every letter we send. You can also click on the link in our messages to go directly to your personal payment page. Here, you can select either a quick, simple direct payment or a solution plan which is tailored to you. If you would like to settle your debt straight-away, you can also go directly to and enter your reference number in order to select a suitable solution.

I could not get through and would like someone to call me back.

We are happy to arrange for someone to call you back. One of our customer advisors will call you at the time you want.

Where do I find my reference number?

Your case reference number is included on every e-mail and letter from PAIR Finance. It is in the top right-hand corner of the e-mail or in the header of the letter. It is a 12-digit number starting with 10. It is very important that you quote your reference number so we can assign your case correctly. Please be careful to get your reference number correct if entering it manually.

I would like to leave feedback.

We are constantly working on improving our processes and finding the simplest, most user-friendly solutions for you. If you would like to leave us feedback, you are welcome to do so on this page. All feedback is gratefully received.

I am not happy with the service from PAIR Finance.

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. But we do understand that a debt collection process can be unpleasant news and there are situations in which not everybody is satisfied with the solution found. If you were not happy with our communications or the solution found, please submit your complaint here. We will, of course, look into your case again and get back to you.